Quarella products contain a very high percentage (approximately 95%) of natural stones and a minimum of bonding agents, pigments and special additives. Thanks to the state of the art production processes adopted and continuous technological developments the final composite stone sproduct presents mechanical and physical properties which are not only consistent but are frequently superior to those of the natural stones used manufacture them.


Quarella offers a wide variety of products, grouped according to the different types of natural stone and bonding agents used; namely Marble/Resin, Granite-Marble/Resin and Quarts/Resin.


More than a hundred standard colours are available, divided into different commercial ranges, based on the type of natural stone and the size of the chips used, as well as the type of bonding agent.

Quarella Quartz has bridged the gap between nature and technology, with surfaces that are virtually maintenance free. The result is a superior material that is:

Acid and chemical resistant
Stain resistant
Non Porous
Anti Scratch
Colour Consistent
and most importantly, easy to clean

Recommended Uses:
All hard surface applications including:
Kitchen Bench Tops
Wall cladding
High traffic flooring


The Quarella product range, whether in tiles or slabs, is able to satisfy every possible surfacing application in the building and interior design sectors. These products can be used to considerable advantage for the execution of large floor areas, for the renovation of existing flooring and as vertical surface coverings. The choice of product ranges which exhibit distinct technical properties and the ample variety of formats available provide the satisfactory solution for any technical or installation requirement.